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How to Make Flower Petal Tea

Today, many fans of organic farming and gardening have discovered new ways to enjoy their plants, including putting them in a nice glass of tea. Creating flower petal tea offers a unique, delicious and money-saving way to enjoy nature. Store bought teas often do not have enough antioxidants and natural flavors; mixing and matching your own flower petal tea can make a morning beverage ever better.

  1. First: Consider the flower to use

    Not all flowers make unique and delicious teas. Some, in fact, can harm a person if ingested, so carefully consider the flowers used. Rose, hibiscus, chamomile, jasmine and chrysanthemum all make wonderful and delicious teas and commonly grow in many home gardens. Tea lovers can use their own flowers from the garden and simply dry them, or purchase pre-dried flower petal tea in any health food store. Tea lovers may even mix teas together.

  2. Second: Boiling the leaves

    For a cup of tea (8 to 10 ounces) use 1 teaspoon of dried flower petals. Traditionally, tea makers add the petals directly to the tea, where it collects on the cup bottom. For those who prefer to leave these petals out, simply wrap the teaspoon of leaves in simple cheesecloth, available in any bakery store. If you prefer stronger or weaker tea, simply adjust the amount of flower petals. Place these petals at the bottom of the cup, pour boiling tea over them, and stir slightly. Let the tea steep for 10 to 15 minutes, and add sugar, milk, sweetener or honey as desired.